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Adding Content to a Blank Book

Many people have said to me that they have a precious book that they have made or been given and it is –


commission journalThis workshop invites you to bring a blank book that you would like to start working in.

Treat your blank book like an invitation. Enrich the pages, add colour, pattern and texture. As Dorothy Simpson Krause says, ‘Your book will begin to sing, beguile, soothe and excite.’ The complexity you add will make your pages richer.

This workshop will teach you ways to add content to an already bound book. We will start working in the book, preparing the pages for added content. With guidance, you will be encouraged to cut windows in the pages, add colour and remove some pages to make way for other inclusions. Before you come, give some thought to how you might use your book. Will it be a travel journal, a recipe book, a daily journal, a book of wise words – your own or someone else’s –  or a book in which to record some of your family history.

Tuesday 5th July 2016

10 – 4

Box Hill North

$70 plus $8 materials fee.

Most materials provided.  Bring your blank book.

BYO Lunch Tea & Coffee provided

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