3 Simple Spines

3 Little Books

These three structures will teach you skills transferable to larger books later if you choose to do so.

The stick spine book attaches a collection of papers or pages to a stick as an attractive display.

The Pencil book makes a quick and easy notebook.

The delightful bead spine book is a very attractive cover to add to any book.

When:   Friday 12th May

           1pm – 4pm

Where: Box Hill North

Cost:    $60

All materials provided with the option of including your own paper that you bring.

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Piano Hinge Book

The Piano Hinge book is a versatile structure. The hinged cover can hold a concertina strip which can be opened out when the hinge is released.  It can also hold pages within a small concertina spine.

This workshop will give you the choice of these variations.

Your book will have a soft but strong cover and pages suitable for writing or artwork.

When:    Tuesday 23rd May 2023

      1 – 4pm 

Where:   Box Hill North

Cost:       $50

All materials provided with the option to bring your own papers to include if you wish.

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Papermaking Workshop: Pockets, Windows & Grids 

Working small & thinking big

Working with small moulds to make our handmade paper, we will create windows, grids and pockets while the paper is wet.

You will learn how to use threads and different coloured pulps to make grids and hinges.

You will take away papers suitable for bookmaking and cards.

When:    Friday 9th June 2023

    1 – 4pm 

Where:  Box Hill North

Cost:       $50

All materials provided

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Paper Bowls with handmade paper

Strong or fragile paper bowls of all sizes, are attractive and functional.

In this workshop you will learn how to make your own bowls in moulds provided.

You will shape handmade paper bowls in different sizes and colours with the paper you make yourself.

Where:    Box Hill North

When :    1 – 4pm

Sunday 11th June 2023

A follow up day to decorate or wax your bowls will be  organised with the group on the 11th June if there is interest.

Cost:            $50

All materials provided

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Introduction to the Gallery Book

This book is inspired by the Gallery Book and will introduce you to the basic structure and its possibilities. You will make 2 strips with small windows to display your artwork, photos, prints, patterned paper or calligraphy.

When:    Wednesday 21st June 2023

       1 – 4pm 

Where:    Box Hill North

Cost:       $50

Most materials provided. You can bring your own art work or photos to include in your gallery.

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Paper Packs

Thankyou to those of you who bought my hand made paper packs. I was able to donate the proceeds to ASRC to help with their valuable work.

Book Workshop

‘A Book Of Heart Words’


This is my response to the the desperate need for donations to support the bush fire relief fund. 


I invite you to come and make a book.

This enormous disaster has touched my heart, which leads me to thinking how poetry also touches my heart. For this workshop I would like you to bring a poem, your own or someone else’s, to write on a beautiful piece of paper and include in your book. You might like to exchange poems with others in the group or find poems from my selection I have gathered over the years.

What we will make:

A small soft cover book to hold in your hand. A repository for poems or words that have helped you make sense of the world. 

A time to enjoy ourselves and lighten our hearts while thinking of people who need our help.

When: Friday 24th January 10 – 2

Where: At my studio in Box Hill

Cost:   $50 – BYO lunch

ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to


This is my way of expanding my donation.

*Email me if you would like to attend

This year & the next

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Workshops at Opendrawer

Book these workshops at  https://opendrawer.weteachme.com/


Venue: Opendrawer Hartwell


One day workshop

Have you stitched on paper? Sashiko stitching in the Japanese boro style can be used to make attractive designs on paper. Boro stitched fabric grew out of the need to repair old Indigo dyed cloth in early twentieth century rural Japan.

This workshop will introduce you to different ways of stitching Indigo dyed papers to create beautiful mini artworks for the pages for your book. You will be guided to use the marks on the paper as a suggested design for your page.

You will learn some basic sashiko designs and how to use them in your work.

At the end of the day you will take home a beautiful little book to keep or give to someone special.

Date: Tuesday 5th June 10am – 3pm

Your materials fee will include the papers Barb provides to make and decorate your book.


Venue: Opendrawer Hartwell

Book this workshop at  https://opendrawer.weteachme.com/

3 day workshop

Make a book that is ALL YOURS right from the paper itself .

Spend three wonderful days during the month of May learning the skills of making paper, stitching two book structures and binding a very special book with the paper you made on day one.

 Book 1 Figure 8 over tapes

 Book 2 Coptic Binding

Dates: Tuesday 1st May 10am – 3pm


Tuesday 15th May 10am – 3pm

Binding 2 Books

Tuesday 29th May 10am – 3pm

Bind your own paper into one of your book styles.

Three new workshops

Three Workshops August September and October

Easy Coptic Journal
Easy Coptic Journal



Coptic Binding with an easy cover thanks to Sandy Webster

This workshop is perfect for beginner binders or a revision for those of you who want to revisit the beautiful Coptic Stitching. A journal created with this stitch opens beautifully flat for writing or drawing in. The hard cover will have an interesting edge which protects the pages and there will be the option of including some pockets. If you know what your journal will be used for, you might like to bring things to include. For example, if it is to be a travel journal you might bring images or information about the area you will visit. This can be bound in as you stitch the other pages to the cover. What ever you decide, at the end of the day you will have a beautiful journal to use or give away.

Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Time: 10 – 3

Place: Box Hill North

$70 plus $5 materials fee.

All materials provided. If you have something you want to bind into your book you can bring it with you.

BYO Lunch Tea & Coffee provided


Make several small books and a fold out box from a map.

P1110259  P1110256

Working small is a great way to begin. The small books we make on this day will fit in the fold out box we construct from our map. The slip on lid will hold our box together when our project is complete. This day can be spent constructing a model from a commercial map or be a personal journey as you make your own map , which you bring along, into the box we construct. If the map you bring inspires the content of your books you might like to bring other maps, photos or drawings to include on the day. We will explore some collage and folding with maps.

When our books are removed from the box it will open out revealing our map.

Thankyou for teaching me this folded box Val.

Sunday 17th September 2017

Time: 10 – 4

Place: Box Hill North

$70 plus $5 materials fee.

Most materials provided. If you have a map you would like to use for this project you can bring it with you.

The map needs to be at least 20cm square.

BYO Lunch Tea & Coffee provided


A day of experimenting and creating with rust indigo and wax resist on paper.








The beginning of any art project is gathering the inspirational materials. At this workshop you will spend the day guided by me as you transform many different paper surfaces. 
Dipping in indigo, exploring the rusting baths and working with cold wax as a resist, will provide you with a multitude of delightfully coloured papers. There may even be time to make some marks with my on your papers with ‘natural’ brushes. These lovely papers will be suitable to use in your artwork and there will be an opportunity at the end of the day to plan a follow up book binding workshop, if you want to bind some of your papers into a book at a later date.

Recipes included in the instructions provided.

Thursday 26th October

Time: 10 – 4

Place: Box Hill North

$70 plus $10 materials fee.

Most materials provided. Please bring some watercolour paper to dye. It doesn’t have to be expensive watercolour paper. The size and shape doesn’t matter.

BYO Lunch Tea & Coffee provided

Too Good To Write In

Jounal page Sewn over tapes
Adding Content to a Blank Book

Many people have said to me that they have a precious book that they have made or been given and it is –


commission journalThis workshop invites you to bring a blank book that you would like to start working in.

Treat your blank book like an invitation. Enrich the pages, add colour, pattern and texture. As Dorothy Simpson Krause says, ‘Your book will begin to sing, beguile, soothe and excite.’ The complexity you add will make your pages richer.

This workshop will teach you ways to add content to an already bound book. We will start working in the book, preparing the pages for added content. With guidance, you will be encouraged to cut windows in the pages, add colour and remove some pages to make way for other inclusions. Before you come, give some thought to how you might use your book. Will it be a travel journal, a recipe book, a daily journal, a book of wise words – your own or someone else’s –  or a book in which to record some of your family history.

Tuesday 5th July 2016

10 – 4

Box Hill North

$70 plus $8 materials fee.

Most materials provided.  Bring your blank book.

BYO Lunch Tea & Coffee provided

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Papermaking Workshop

Have you ever made your own paper? Now is your chance.

I know it is cold but we can have warm water in the vat. Intro to papermaking

On Thursday 18th June I am running a papermaking workshop for Papermakers of Victoria at our wonderful studio in the stables at Bundoora Park.

Details and registration at http://papermakers.org.au/workshops/

Let me know if you are interested or have any questions and please pass this on to interested friends.


Wedding Paper
Wedding Paper