About me

My art arises from the way I see the world – the colours shapes and textures that delight me. I try to capture my love of colour , the curves and textures in man made objects and natural features. If I can listen to what I see and transform it into textural coloured paper, making the fibres dance into a pleasing piece of paper, I am happy.

My love of making paper is the basis of all my paper work. Many of my books are made from paper I have made from reclaimed board or plant fibre. Starting from the paper I make, to stitching the final piece, is a process that brings me much pleasure. Having control over what goes into the artwork, right from the very fibres.

The focus of my work with paper is based on the pleasure I gain from letting the paper suggest the form the work takes. As I colour, shape and stitch, I work with the feelings this evokes rather than planning the end artwork. I enjoy putting my art out for others to interpret, make of it what they will. The pleasure for me is in what I learn about myself in the process of making and working with the paper.

Making paper is like shuffling
something valuable and functional
into something beautiful.