2 New Workshops

The first Workshop is a bookmaking workshop I am running for the Papermakers of Victoria at Box Hill Community Arts Centre.

No Blank Pages – a bookmaking workshop with a focus on content

This workshop will focus on creating pages that inform or excite, by the addition of colour and interest to make your page richer. This will provide an inviting background for later themed text and images.

You will become braver at working on your pages, by adding decoration in the form of text, borders, windows and much more.

You can choose to carve a simple print block which can be used to embellish your book.

The pages you wish to include in your book, will then be bound into the fabric cover you make, to form a beautiful book.

You will learn how to make a fabric book cover, add content to your pages before you bind them, and carve a simple stamp.

When: 7/7/24 – 10am – 3pm

Where: Box Hill Community Arts Centre

Cost: Papermakers of Victoria member $100 Non-member $130

Registration and payment here

Papermaking Workshop

An introduction & advanced papermaking

When: 10am – 3pm

Saturday July 20

Where: Box Hill North

Cost: $80

BYO lunch

Email me if you are interested.


 This workshop will include making a variety of recycled paper.  

You will learn how to make a strong piece of paper: include threads, grasses & seeds, learn to use 2 colours of pulp to make decorative effects, make scrolls, emboss paper, form windows and pockets. 

There will also be demonstration of waxing your paper to make it strong and transparent.

3 Simple Spines

3 Little Books

These three structures will teach you skills transferable to larger books later if you choose to do so.

The stick spine book attaches a collection of papers or pages to a stick as an attractive display.

The Pencil book makes a quick and easy notebook.

The delightful bead spine book is a very attractive cover to add to any book.

When:   Friday 12th May

           1pm – 4pm

Where: Box Hill North

Cost:    $60

All materials provided with the option of including your own paper that you bring.

Book now by sending Barb a message

Piano Hinge Book

The Piano Hinge book is a versatile structure. The hinged cover can hold a concertina strip which can be opened out when the hinge is released.  It can also hold pages within a small concertina spine.

This workshop will give you the choice of these variations.

Your book will have a soft but strong cover and pages suitable for writing or artwork.

When:    Tuesday 23rd May 2023

      1 – 4pm 

Where:   Box Hill North

Cost:       $50

All materials provided with the option to bring your own papers to include if you wish.

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Papermaking Workshop: Pockets, Windows & Grids 

Working small & thinking big

Working with small moulds to make our handmade paper, we will create windows, grids and pockets while the paper is wet.

You will learn how to use threads and different coloured pulps to make grids and hinges.

You will take away papers suitable for bookmaking and cards.

When:    Friday 9th June 2023

    1 – 4pm 

Where:  Box Hill North

Cost:       $50

All materials provided

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Paper Bowls with handmade paper

Strong or fragile paper bowls of all sizes, are attractive and functional.

In this workshop you will learn how to make your own bowls in moulds provided.

You will shape handmade paper bowls in different sizes and colours with the paper you make yourself.

Where:    Box Hill North

When :    1 – 4pm

Sunday 11th June 2023

A follow up day to decorate or wax your bowls will be  organised with the group on the 11th June if there is interest.

Cost:            $50

All materials provided

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Introduction to the Gallery Book

This book is inspired by the Gallery Book and will introduce you to the basic structure and its possibilities. You will make 2 strips with small windows to display your artwork, photos, prints, patterned paper or calligraphy.

When:    Wednesday 21st June 2023

       1 – 4pm 

Where:    Box Hill North

Cost:       $50

Most materials provided. You can bring your own art work or photos to include in your gallery.

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Three New Workshops

Introduction to Papermaking

Sunday 11th September 2022 Bundoora

A Map Box Full of Books

Saturday 17th September 2022

Box Hill Community Arts Centre

I am running these two workshops for Papermakers of Victoria.

Details and registration are available here: http://papermakers.org.au/workshops/

Garden Notes – Create a Book

I am running this third workshop for the City of Whitehorse at Strathdon, a lovely venue in Forest Hill.    This workshop will give you the skills to make your own book to record the delights and changes in your garden. 

Your hand-crafted book will feature a hard cover, simple binding and pages suitable for note taking or drawing. You will learn how to create sewn in pockets for storing seeds, plant tags or other precious keepsakes.

Barb will provide you with print blocks to decorate your pages. Creating a handmade book is a unique and creative way to record your garden ideas or keep a nature journal. All materials are provided, for a cost of $10 to be paid to the tutor on the day. Suitable for all skill levels.  Where: Strathdon House and Orchard Precinct, 449-465 Springvale Road Forest Hill Victoria 3131
When: Saturday 15 October
Time: 10am to 3pm
Cost: $75 per day, plus $10 materials fee, payable to tutor on the day. Lunch (vegetarian pizza) is provided.
Bookings: Essential, https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/391412815267
What to wear / bring: Materials are provided for a fee of $10 payable to Barb Adams on the day of the workshop. Please wear comfortable clothes to work in. This is a hand-on practical workshop.  

Boro Book

One day workshop

Have you stitched on paper? Sashiko stitching in the Japanese boro style can be used to make attractive designs on paper. Boro stitched fabric grew out of the need to repair old Indigo dyed cloth in early twentieth century rural Japan.

This workshop will introduce you to different ways of stitching Indigo dyed papers to create beautiful mini artworks for the pages for your book. You will be guided to use the marks on the paper as a suggested design for your page.

You will learn some basic sashiko stitches.

At the end of the day you will take home a beautiful little book to keep or give to someone special.

Date: Friday 13th May 2022

Time: 10am – 3pm

Cost: $80

Venue: Box Hill North

BYO lunch

All materials provided

Book now by sending Barb a message

A Little Coptic Bound Book

This workshop will teach you coptic binding or refresh your coptic binding skills. We will bind a small book with a book cloth cover. The decoration of your covers will involve the skills of debossing. or printing with a woodblock.

Date: Thursday 21st April 2022

Time: 10am – 2pm

Venue: Box Hill North

Cost: $80 All materials provided

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Candle Shades

Little battery powered candles can be transformed by adding a beautiful hand made candle shade.

In this 3 hour workshop you will learn how to decorate your paper shade in various ways. Your decorated paper will be dipped in hot wax and joined to make an attractive shade.

All materials are provided including a candle to take with you.

Date: Tuesday 29th March 2022

Time: 10am – 1pm

Cost: $60

Venue: Box Hill North

All people attending must be vaccinated

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Learn to Make Paper by hand

When: Tuesday 12th April 2022

10am – 2pm

Where: My studio in Box Hill North

Cost: $70

BYO Lunch

This workshop will introduce you to the skill of hand papermaking with recycled pulp of different colours.
You will learn about the preparation and choice of materials for pulp, how to form a sheet of paper and the pressing and drying of your paper.
Pulp will be provided by the tutor.
This workshop would also be suitable for papermakers who can make paper and want to extend their skills.

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Piano Hinge Binding

This workshop will teach you this delightful versatile binding with a concertina spine. 

The pages can be a tactile repository for your artwork, someone else’s artwork or text of any sort.

You will learn how to make a hard cover with a window and the skill of sewing sections into a concertina spine.

The skills taught will be suitable for beginners or advanced participants.

When: Tuesday 9th February  2021  10-4pm

Where: At my studio in Box Hill North

Cost: $70   plus materials fee $10

BYO Lunch

Close Tapes Binding Workshop

This time together will enable you to make a small book with a handmade paper cover. The pages can be handmade or commercial paper. The simple stitching will provide a sturdy binding which you can try again at your liesure.

When: 11th March  2021  10 – 1pm 

Where: At my studio in Box Hill North

Cost: $50   All materials provided

Book now my sending Barb a message

Indigo & Rust 2 Day Workshop

Indigo & Rust

The first workshop I am offering this year will be run for Papermakers of Victoria.

February 27/28 2021

It is a 2 day workshop at Bundoora . You will learn to dye with Indigo, rust your paper and bind it into a book. If you are interested, bookings are done through Papermakers of Victoria on their web site INDIGO & RUST